Capital Raising

RedShift’s team of business advisors has specialized experience in all aspects of corporate finance. Our network of conventional lenders, banks, mezzanine and equity partners allows RedShift to provide creative solutions to clients.



We deliver tailored, low-cost financial structures to clients by maximizing our relationships throughout capital markets. 

RedShift Advisors secures the most attractive interest rates and financing terms in the areas of:


Looking to improve your company’s finances? By refinancing, RedShift will help you improve your credit, reduce your interest rates and get access to the money you need to operate successfully each day.

Debt Restructuring

Bankruptcy is an obstacle no company wants to face, but it can be avoided. RedShift will help you by reducing loan interest rates, negotiating loan repayment extensions or swapping your debt for creditor equity.

Acquiring Growth Capital

Your company is always looking to the future, and you have big plans…but maybe not as big of a checkbook. RedShift connects you to secure capital with investors who can make your dreams of expansion, product development or buying new equipment turn into realities.

Mezzanine Funding

Sometimes there’s more than one solution to your corporate finance needs. RedShift combines debt and equity financing to simplify your growth initiatives, from new projects to acquisitions. This makes it easier to get necessary funds now, but your lender could become an equity partner later.

Obtaining Equity

Whether you’re in a jam right now, or just want to make future growth feasible, equity financing can help. RedShift will help you sell shares of your organization or connect you with investors to grow capital.

Risk Management Profile

It’s important to take stock of how your company handles financial risks. RedShift will work with you to understand your company’s business risks/threats and how pursuing or avoiding risk opportunities can impact financial returns.

Cash Flow

Investors need to know the financial health of the companies they do business with. RedShift looks at cash flow from financing for insights into debt and equity so corporate investors have a clear view of the company they’ll be partnering with.

Acquiring Short-term Funding

It’s okay if your company needs short-term financial help to cover a purchase or acquisition. RedShift works to provide short-term loans to cover your operations while you wait for permanent financing to clear.



Our staff of investment bankers and analysts also uses modeling tools and analytics to highlight potential funding sources and provide the most accurate picture of your small business. 

RedShift’s value-add work products include:

Business Presentations for the Market

What makes your company different? How do you stand out from others in your industry? RedShift works with you to develop presentations to share with your market to highlight what makes you great. From your team’s expertise to the problems you solve, we share your value in a meaningful way to investors.

Capital Budgeting

Does it make sense to dive into a new project or investment? A major purchase or construction project is a significant expense. We examine the cash flow potential of new ventures, assessing possible ROI for your long-term business operations.

Historical Trends Analysis

What’s going on in your company and your industry as a whole? We examine current and past trends to predict market shifts and advise on how to pivot so your business can take advantage of future opportunities.

Business Entity Valuation

Maybe you want to know the true economic value of your company, be it for tax purposes or because you’re preparing to sell. We look at your organization from top to bottom to provide a full picture, from analyzing management and capital structure to future earnings potential and value of physical assets.

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Still need some convincing? RedShift’s senior directors have owned and operated small businesses themselves, so they understand entrepreneurial needs and solutions. Because we recognize both underlying business fundamentals and technical market trends, we confidently provide tangible value to our clients.