Mergers & Acquisitions

RedShift Advisors’ Investment Banking Group is committed to a confidential, full-service approach in meeting client needs during the mergers and acquisitions process. We work closely with each business—and their business advisors—to achieve successful monetary outcomes while meeting client and shareholders goals. RedShift’s experience, technology tools and relationships enable our firm to identify market opportunities, provide creative solutions and offer clients financial and strategic alternatives.

We represent companies seeking to acquire, sell or grow—while helping to achieve value for stakeholders.  RedShift’s No. 1 priority is to meet client expectations, focusing on their best interests.  Our team works closely with each business to understand objectives, identify market opportunities, provide innovative ideas and maximize monetary gain. Because RedShift’s management team has extensive experience in financial services, we’re confident in standing as your strategic business advisor from inception through closing.

Create Value


Our success is determined by the value we create for our clients. All M&A deals require comprehensive understanding of market trends, cash flow valuations and the ability to generate opportunities for buyers or sellers.  We use analytical tools and specialty databases to identify targets. 

RedShift supports our clients by providing services like:

Acquisition and Divestiture Plans

The right move for your business could be to move up or move on. We help target the most cost- and growth-effective solutions [insert examples] to propel your company into the future.

Target Identification and Screening

RedShift serves both buyers and sellers in the mergers ad acquisitions firm targeting process. Which target companies make sense to acquire for your business goals? Which market segments will provide growth potential? We also identify financial risks and rewards for both small business owners and their potential buyers.

Risk Analysis

With every risk comes potential rewards, but RedShift doesn’t believe in turning a blind eye. We carefully examine potential M&A risks, from exploring the target company’s finances to exposing legal implications and liabilities of the acquisition.

Due Diligence

The goal in any M&A transaction is positive future results. RedShift conducts due diligence efforts to help buyers understand their target’s market position and growth opportunities, navigate regulatory issues and discover the potential value in altering or integrating business operations.

Cash Flow Analysis

RedShift looks carefully at future earnings potential and possible cash flows over time resulting from acquiring or joining forces with your targeted company. We use tried-and-true tactics to value each target company and help you forecast for the future.

Industry Analysis

Does merging make sense to your industry? RedShift examines industry size and success by looking at profitability, technology, product development and so on. Young industries might pursue a merger to control market share, but established industries have different motivations, stemming from plans to improve existing technology or expand product lines. In either case, we factor in industry weaknesses and how your merger could solve problems.

Business Valuation

Depending on the goal of the M&A transaction, RedShift approaches valuations from a few standpoints. If the target company is performing well, it’s a going concern and all assets are factored in, from brands and trademarks to technology and infrastructure. Of course, poorly-performing companies may only have one remaining option, so we’ll determine its liquidation value, tallying up potential earnings from selling physical assets.

Transaction Negotiations

Both buyers and sellers prioritize completing their transaction, but maybe the details of the deal aren’t a strong suit. RedShift steps in as your trusted partner to help negotiate terms, from sale price to risk allocation and contract negotiation.

Coordination with Attorneys and Accountants

The buy side and sell side of an M&A transaction sees involvement from business bankers like us, as well as legal and financial counsel. RedShift makes it easy for all sides to collaborate through completion so you don’t have to worry about the intricacies of the deal.

Access to Private Equity Funds

Looking to sell your company, but don’t have a buyer in mind? Private equity firms are available to either invest in your company or buy it outright. It might be the right move if the firm is better poised to finance and foster necessary organizational change you can’t initiate on your own.

Management Buyout Structures

Traditional M&A not the right fit? Buyers and sellers both benefit from management buyout (MBO). When a company’s management team acquires the business, opportunities abound for small business owners to make a profit while the buyer keeps the business running and pursues opportunities ranging from expanding operations to filing an IPO. RedShift will assess your next steps.

Strategic Management Planning

After the transaction is complete, what will get your company operating the right way, following your brand mission and strategy? RedShift acts as your planning partner, executing strategic analysis to understand your business environment, strategy formulation to develop a plan for organizational change, implementation to begin plan rollout and monitoring to continually evaluate and refine your operations, culture and communications for success.

RedShift manages the entire process for each client.  We’re committed to continuity, discretion and value creation for our clients.