Strategic Planning and Advisory Services

Our firm’s directors have completed in excess of $2 billion in senior debt, equity, sell-side and buy-side transactions. This experience enables us to provide expertise in the multiple stages of the small business planning process. RedShift Advisors’ strategic advisory process challenges our clients to create plans that enhance the decision-making process and add tangible value to their businesses.

Lower middle market companies frequently face challenges associated with growth, capital needs and succession planning. With over 50 years of experience executing strategic plans, our bankers help you achieve your goals.

Business Growth


We enable clients to use strategic management tools to increase shareholder value, provide growth strategies, maximize cash flow and liquidity and address opportunities for acquisition, sale and succession planning.

As we assist in developing strategic objectives, RedShift analyzes and makes recommendations in key areas:

Increasing Revenue

What strategies may be effective in boosting sales, cash flow and overall business performance?

Market Opportunities

What are you and your competitors missing, and how can your organization stand out? RedShift finds gaps in your market.


Is it time to branch out to new locations? Maybe a marketing campaign would expand your brand footprint? RedShift isolates growth and expansion strategies that work.

Capital and Financing Alternatives

Your small business may rely in part on external financing. Should you opt for mezzanine debt lending, private equity or senior debt lending? We’ll untangle the web.

Constraints and Solutions

What’s getting in the way of business growth and success? Work with RedShift to develop solutions to financial and regulatory obstacles.

Risk Reduction

Every company and industry is subject to potential financial and operational risks. RedShift works to develop internal controls, as well as risk management strategies to protect you.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths. Weaknesses. Opportunities. Threats. Develop a strategy to distinguish your brand based on what you do well and how you could pivot to outfox the competition.

Reducing Capital Costs

Some tools and supplies are necessary to long-term success, but how can you manage your spending on these items. RedShift helps you budget efficiently.

IT/Systems Review

Is technology bogging your company down? Take a step back and let RedShift dig deep to ensure each application helps in achieving business goals while allowing you to grow in a cost-effective way.

Financial and Reporting Capabilities

Financial reporting can be a headache. From managing the books to producing your annual report, develop reporting strategies that work for you.


Are new products and product markets on your to-do list? We’ll help you develop a plan to tap into new markets to both grow and sustain your small business for the long term.

RedShift Advisors uses industry knowledge and tools to draft internal business plans to help our clients meet growth requirements, address diverse shareholder objectives and achieve short- and long-term goals.